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C-Tech Analytical Solutions
C-Tech Analytical Solutions
C-Tech Analytical Solutions
C-Tech Analytical Solutions
C-Tech Analytical Solutions
C-Tech Analytical Solutions
C-Tech Analytical Solutions
C-Tech Analytical Solutions
C-Tech Analytical Solutions
Get a free Nalgene bottle when you send us an enquiry!
Get a free Nalgene bottle when you send us an enquiry!
Get a free Nalgene bottle when you send us an enquiry!
Get a free Nalgene bottle when you send us an enquiry!
Get a free Nalgene bottle when you send us an enquiry!
Get a free Nalgene bottle when you send us an enquiry!
Get a free Nalgene bottle when you send us an enquiry!


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Key Trends in Asia-Pacific

Value, evidence, and access

Fishawack Health FH is a leading global commercialisation partner for the biopharmaceutical medical technology and wellness industries FH was created to offer integrated services for pharmaceutical and biomedical development and commercialisation across four core disciplinesConsulting Medical Marketing and Value Evidence and Access

FDA Inspections Recommencing: Be Prepared - An NSF Guide

Are You Ready for an FDA Inspection?

The FDA has restarted unannounced inspections of manufacturing facilities The restart commenced on February Inspections were halted in March with the outbreak of COVID A limited number of inspections had restarted however they were again paused due

Pre-Inspection Audits Can Help You Prepare for Regulatory Inspections

Prepare For The Return of Regulatory Inspections

Regulatory authority inspections are restarting across the world Companies can help ensure that they are ready for these inspections by utilizing third party specialists to audit their facilities NSF Internationals team of exFDA MHRA and other regulatory body inspectors along with our experienced industry specialists are currently working with comp...


A global leader in speciality chemicals and ingredients

The IMCD Group is a global leader in the formulation sales and distribution of speciality chemicals and ingredients As the Pharmaceuticals Business Group our goal is to advance ideas for a healthy future

Responsible Growth

Sustainability today is an important agenda for most organisations globally Across the board organisations are increasingly realising that sustainability is a critical parameter to define competitiveness and gain the trust and confidence of all stakeholders

Quaternary ammonium compounds (Quats) against Viruses

Quaternary ammonium compounds Quats such as Benzalkonium Chloride are wellknown membraneactive agents interacting with the cytoplasmic membrane of bacteria and the plasma membrane of yeast

Catering to an Expanding Parenteral Drug Market

How drug manufacturers can adapt packaging for injectables to meet evolving patient needs

Prepandemic trends can feel like a distant memory but prior to the onset of the Coronavirus demand for parenteral drugs was already on the rise In alone there were nearly parenteral drugs in the pipeline


A Global Life Science Leader

Cytiva is a global life science leader with top tier brands We are a standalone company under the Danaher Group with a global manufacturing and distribution network of sites across the world More than per cent of currently FDAapproved biotherapeutics use Cytiva technology and over per cent of the top selling biologics are manufactured using Cyti...

Lessons Learned From a Successful Remediation Project

Discover how we worked on a complex remediation program that reduced time in an MHRA IAG referral by six months and got the company back into production within three months Satisfying your shareholders expectations meeting the legal and cGMP expectations of the international regulatory bodies and staying

How to Prepare for Your Post-Pandemic On-Site GMP Regulatory Inspection?

John Johnson Vice President in our Health Sciences division recently presented on the issue of preparing for your postpandemic onsite GMP regulatory inspection to the Research Quality Association RQA Ireland forum The webinar looked at

Clinical Strategy for Successful Cell and Gene Therapies

How did I get here?

And now its happening How did we get here We got here because the science has moved forward So if you look at the products that we have approved most recently the science is exquisite And if you look at products that have such strong science behind them

Want more success?

An interview with Robert 'Bob' Lefkowitz

Bob was depressed As a high achiever he wasnt used to failure But failing he was And badly The year was and try as he might he could not progress his research During a pep talk with a senior scientist the older man asked Bob What percentage of an average scientists experiments do you think are successful Bob shrugged

Novo Nordisk Pharmatech A/S

Ensuring Quality Assurance

In the highly competitive pharma market quality has become the key differentiator for almost all products and services Quality control is essential for building a successful business that delivers products that meet or exceed customers expectations


Your CRO partner for effective Drug Development in India

ClinPro Research established in Feb is an ISO certified fullservice capability CRO headquartered in Mumbai India We cater to the clinical requirements of both domestic and international pharmaceutical companies biotech companies medical device companies ayurvedic and nutraceutical companies with our exceptional suite of solutions which includes e...


A trusted partner

One of the biggest challenges confronting pharma and biotech companies globally is the everincreasing RD costs to bring new drugs into the market The regulatory approvals are also getting more stringent which stretches the overall time required for new launches

RoundRobin Tech Services

RoundRobin Tech Services is formed by a team of professionals having more than years of experience in the Internet Security Network Infrastructure Sector We define ourselves as a ValueAdded Distributor focused in distributing the most innovative solutions available whilst ensuring that these provide great value for money for our partners and thei...

Toxic-sterile ChargingIsolator for Preparation Vessel

Tailor made solutions for your needs

FPS is an Italian company specialised in the design and manufacture of containment systems and micronisation solutions for the handling and production of active pharmaceutical ingredient and sterile pharmaceuticals FPS is focused on pharmaceutical biotech and chemical companies all over the world Eighteen years after its foundation

Pharmaceutical Grade Quats and Recombinant Insulin

A global and leading supplier

Novo Nordisk Pharmatech AS is a global and leading manufacturer of pharmaceutical ingredients for the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries

Emirates SkyCargo

In the time of COVID

The COVID pandemic had a massive impact on the aviation and air cargo industry globally As part of our normal business we transport cargo on dedicated freighter aircraft and also in the bellyhold of our passenger flights


In every molecule is the possibility for better health

From our humble beginnings two decades ago offering chemistry and informatic services to a small group of clientele we have now grown into a Partner of Choice for both large pharmaceutical firms and cutting edge biotechs

Functional Respiratory Imaging

An innovation at just the right time

COVID has made the demand for innovative diagnostic techniques greater than everWe are having difficulty bringing the pandemic under control partly because the tools we use to detect and treat the disease are not sufficiently responsive to the situation

Bioreactor Automation Enhances Productivity with Biologics

Driven by real-time sensing

In the quest for improved quality and productivity in drug manufacturing the industry is moving toward increasing use of bioreactor systems with realtime integrated monitoring and advanced analytics that have the potential to enable automation drive performance and improve datarich quality control

FPS Reactors and Process Vessels Charging Isolators

Tailor made solutions for your needs

FPS is an Italian company specialised in the design and manufacture of containment isolation systems and micronisation solutions for the handling and production of active and sterile pharmaceutical ingredients it is mainly addressed to pharmaceutical chemical and cosmetic companies all over the world


Expanding into oligonucleotides

I think it is important for our customers to understand that the decision of the Bachem leadership to enter the field of oligonucleotide manufacturing was wellprepared and ultimately taken in line with the companys longterm growth plan

Down to The Tiniest Particle

Dispersing of powders in the pharmaceutical industry

Gels creams and suspensions or coatings on tablets are among the pharmaceutical products manufactured using powders or refined powder mixtures They usually consist of an active ingredient the thickening or swelling agent such as CMC and HPMC and colourants such as iron oxide titanium dioxide or talc

Customised System to Label Double-format Syringes

A case study by Etipack

The aim was to improve the productivity of an existing process while increasing of the product potentials and quality declares Sergio Rollini Process Equipment Maintenance Senior Manager Engineering at Formenti an orientation that expresses the companys continuous desire to meet the needs of customers

Why Cell and Gene Contract Manufacturers Must Embrace Digitisation?

The cell and gene industry is growing at a staggering per cent CAGR and is estimated to reach US bn by A number of cell gene and stem cell therapy sponsors currently have novel drug substances and products and many rely on Contract Development Manufacturing Organizations CDMO to produce them with adherence to stringent regulatory cGMP conditions

Analytical Testing for Pharmaceutical Industry in this Digital Age

As the hotbed of technological developments Asia is riding the wave of global mega trends which include aging population digitalisation and the adoption of emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence AI and the Internet of Things IoT

Exploring the Role of Ultra-pure Gelatins and Collagens in Biomedical Applications

Gelatins legacy as a trusted excipient that complies with the highest international safety standards and regulations is wellestablished across the pharma industry with the ingredients potential for biomedical applications also increasingly recognised worldwide


Equip your business with future-ready solutions

Strengthening its position as the regions leading medical and healthcare exhibition the th edition of MEDICAL FAIR ASIA is scheduled to take place from December and will bring together a comprehensive range of equipment technology and supplies for the hospital diagnostic pharmaceutical medical and rehabilitation sectors providing a onestop market...


Performs the swab for COVID-19

FPS is an Italian company specialised in the design and manufacture of micronisation solutions and containment isolation systems for the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients it is mainly addressed to chemical pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies all over the world


A notable trend in the APAC region is that the market for traditional medicines remains as strong as the market for western chemical API driven pharma products As a result were dealing with significant differences in regulatory and quality demands as well as supporting different approaches to brand marketing for example the nutrition market is ver...

TOC for Cleaning Validation Getting started…

Analytical methods for cleaning validation can be broadly classified into two categories specific and nonspecific methods


Choosing low-endotoxin gelatins for cell cultures

The process requires three essential components an appropriate threedimensional scaffold to support transplantation and growth of cells cells which can be reparative cells that are able to form a functional matrix and biologically active molecules such as cytokines and growth factors that promote the formation of the desired tissue type

Meeting the Logistics Needs of Asia Pacific’s Growing Clinical Trials

A growing middle class and aging population has fueled the ascent of the Asia Pacific region in the global healthcare industry Now the pharmaceutical sector is responding by tapping more patients in the region for new drug development trials


Strategic platform for medical technology solutions

The Asian medical market is booming According to management consulting firm McKinsey Company the company predicts that Asia will account for a third of global sales by


FPS solutions for Pharmaceutical and Fine Chemical industries

FPS is an Italian company specialised in the production of containment systems and micronisation equipment for Pharmaceutical Biotech and Fine Chemical companies

Hong Kong International Airport: A leading transport hub for pharmaceutical cargo

The world’s busiest cargo airport continues to enhance its ability to capture fast growing markets

Rising affluence and living standards most notably in Asia and Mainland China is driving global demand for highvalue products particularly temperaturecontrolled pharmaceuticals

MEDAPP: Paving the way for Patient Support Programs

The modern society is growing rapidly and while healthcare seems to be becoming more accessible and affordable at the grass root it still doesnt seem to become patientfriendly


Over the last decade governments have been focusing on making healthcare accessible leading to a decrease in the prices of drugs


New independent study proves

As the demand for prefilled and prefillable syringe applications grows one consideration for many pharmaceutical manufacturers is particulate in particular how particulate can be reduced in the manufacturing process


Enabling efficiency & compliance with Sievers TOC Analysers

Faced with these demanding pressures manufacturers turn to technologies and solutions that can help them improve output and increase efficiency SUEZ through its Sievers Life Science product line of TOC Analysers consumables and instrumentation enables efficiency and compliance for compendial water testing cleaning validation and other applications...


Your strategic platform for medical technology solutions

The Asian medical market is booming According to management consulting firm McKinsey Company the company predicts that Asia will become the second highest medical technology market in the world by


As global population ageing and limited medical resources become alarming issues the healthcare industry is facing many challenges and obstacles


AirBridgeCargo Airlines

AirBridgeCargo Airlines is one of the leading industry players to guarantee specialist logistics solution for transportation of pharma products with its dedicated abc pharma product


Challenges and the road ahead

Supply chains in Asia are fast evolving into smarter technologydriven systems for a dynamic healthcare industry



In this highly competitive market quality has become the market differentiator for almost all products and services


Successfully mastering the global healthcare challenges

As the healthcare industry faces increased complexity and stricter requirements for drug development market leaders are looking for new and innovative ways to address these concerns


Transforming the healthcare ecosystem through technology & innovation

As Asias healthcare market is expected to see robust growth of per cent in according to Frost and Sullivan demands for healthcare technologies and innovations are expected to increase significantly particularly pharmaceutical drugs and medical devices based on advanced technology


Sievers TOC Analyzers

When it comes to efficiency and compliance in pharmaceutical water testing and cleaning validation Sievers products and solutions offer unmatched productivity and peace of mind

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